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Xcelerate Women
Xcelerate is a transformative nonprofit that provides peer mentorship, one-on-one coaching, and educational workshops to business owners who embody or share traits of womanhood within or beyond the gender binary. They help those conventionally marginalized from the business community build economic power now. Instead of actively tearing down a broken system, they work toward its evolution, empowering their flourishing community of business owners to leverage the system for themselves.
How might we...
The Xcelerate team came to us with a new outlook on the future of their organization. After careful consideration, they were ready to introduce their new programming and updated values through a new visual and written language to showcase their growth.
Friends, assemble!
What sets Xcelerate apart from other organizations committed to helping underrepresented business owners is its dedication to uplifting and honoring the individual through a passionate culture of belonging. After having the opportunity to interview directors, coaches, and business leaders, we knew that the brand had to speak to the boldness and vibrancy of the Xcelerate community.

Colorful shapes and profiles come together in a new illustration style, representative of the unique overlapping voices and stories that make up this transformative community. The new updated logo embodies the confidence of taking up space and filling the gaps of a broken system. While an energetic color palette and versatile type tie everything together.
Yes! And...
Emerging community needs and evolving perceptions of gender required sensitivity and attention to detail to craft Xcelerate’s new written identity. We worked to balance the reality of what this community is up against in the now with energetic and actionable language that leaves the reader feeling aspirational for a brighter future.