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Your manager can greatly affect your quality of life, at work and at home. A great manager can make you feel inspired, connected to your work, and confident in your path to growth. A not-great manager can inspire you to continually scour new job listings.

Great managers aren’t born that way. They have to learn. Charma (formerly WorkPatterns) exists to help all managers become great, quickly, so that more people can enjoy their work and more organizations can enjoy the benefits of engaged and motivated teams.
How might we...
Charma makes managers feel instantly supported by a toolkit of best practices for one-on-one’s, team meetings, 360 reviews, and feedback. They can let go of bolted-together processes and tools and feel more free to guide and connect with their team. Our aim was to create a new brand and name that embody that supportive, friendly, nearly-magical feeling.
Friends, assemble!
We led Charma teammates from marketing, product design, sales, and leadership through interviews and vision setting workshops to align on creative principles. We used these to define strategy and tone for naming, messaging, and visual identity. Along the way, they influenced each other, finding a cohesive balance.

The visual identity features characters representing managers and teammates, all capable of magical growth—with the right support. The messaging tells the story of how well an organization can run when relationships between managers and teams are flourishing. The new name, Charma, blends the feeling of a bond forming between people (to charm) and good karma earned through treating each other well.
Yes! And...
Charma’s new design system is notably flexible and modular. For the website, we focused most of our effort on six primary pages. We then used the components developed through that process to quickly templatize and launch more than twenty additional pages, leaving the Charma team with a full toolkit to continue to refine their new site.