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Wanna talk about impact?
With the brands, messaging, and pitch materials we’ve created, our clients have raised over
$85 million
in funding.

What we do best

Brand creation
Competitive analysis & positioning
Brand design
Brand voice
Packaging design
Guidelines & tools
Website & product design
Content strategy
Keywords & SEO
Website design & copywriting
Webflow development
Product design & UI/UX writing

Concept development
Art direction
Social, print + outdoor production

Workshop design & facilitation
Stakeholder interviews & insights
Creative principles development
Brand values alignment
Messaging strategy
Clarify a vision
We’ll start with a collaborative workshop in which we define our shared aspirations for your new brand, website, or anything else we’re making together.
We’ll create...
  • Clearly defined creative principles
  • Playbook of design and copywriting strategies
Show & tell
your story

We’ll interview your people—founders, team members, your biggest fans—and discover common themes. The true story of your brand will start to shine through. 
We’ll create...
  • A comprehensive storytelling framework that includes purpose statements, descriptions of your process, the outcomes your brand creates, and the values that guide you 
  • Brand identity pieces like mission, vision, value propositions, elevator pitch, and founding story 
A look & feel that fits
We’ll build a brand that feels like the best version of you. The result? A flexible new identity that reflect the current moment and can adapt to your future. 
We’ll create...
  • A fresh new identity, with an updated logo, typography system, color palette, and visual (photography and illustration) styles
  • Handy-dandy brand guidelines
  • A clear, established brand voice
Every moment considered
We’ll develop a content strategy that prioritizes a positive user experience by stepping into the shoes of your audience, so we can answer any potential questions before they even ask. 
We’ll create...
  • Visual wireframes and content maps with placeholder copy and visual elements
  • Navigation and information architecture

Kind words from good friends

We feel so seen!
Kayleigh, Co-Founder
You helped us figure out who we are and articulate that to the world before we even know who we were ourselves.
Holly, VP of Brand
I can't recommend the Saint Friend team enough. They are an absolute pleasure to collaborate with from Copy to Design - they absolutely knocked it out of the park for us.
Maxwell, Founder
This feels like brand therapy.
Emily, Founder

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