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Website redesign
Creative direction
UI animation
Art direction + design
Caravel brand refresh
Caravel is a clever platform that transforms unwieldy amounts of customer feedback into clear data and guiding lights for their clients, from reviews and surveys to support tickets and community chatter. Using their existing brand elements as a jumping off point, we got to play with motion and color to renew their look and feel! It was a joy to bring their technology to life for potential customers.
Gif shapes expanding
UI of customer feedback over time
Caravel pricing
How might we...
One of the coolest things Caravel does is making machine learning and AI accessible and user-friendly. The challenge that faced us was clear: how could we show off the platform’s complexity to new customers, but keep it approachable?
Caravel mood board
Friends, assemble!
Caravel’s platform itself was our inspiration, and we worked as a team to explore movement and gradients as a way to demonstrate the spectrum of voices, insight, and customer sentiment. Leading team Caravel through remote workshops, we developed and finalized an exciting new messaging strategy with the voice of the customer at the center.
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Yes! And...
🧑💻 Caravel is a local Portland company and graduate of the super prestigious Techstars Seattle incubator. We were so proud to learn that cutting-edge work was happening in our hometown, and even more proud to help Caravel tell their story. Before this project, all we knew about AY AI was how to spell it. Now we're pros!

🔎 If you look closely on the internet, you can spot Caravel founder and CEO Max holding a "World's Best Friend" mug in his various profile pics. After months on the case, we have deduced that this very mug was a holiday gift from.............US!!!
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