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After getting a Kickstarter campaign funded, every creator faces the same realization: “Yayy 🎉🎉…wait…🤔…well, crud. Now I have to make the thing I promised to make and manage thousands and thousands of pledges.”

BackerKit builds software to help crowdfunding creators manage pledges from backers and take care of tons of behind-the-scenes operational biz. But their brand needed some new creative spirit and their website was not offering clear, rewarding journeys for either creators or backers.
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How might we...
Help a category inventor clarify and elevate their value to both sides of their marketplace? And! Take their true place as a champion of creativity and an essential enabler of great relationships between creators and backers?
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Friends, assemble!
We led a big BackerKit team with voices from leadership, product, sales, operations, customer success, content, and community management through workshops to define creative principles and reset their messaging strategy.
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Site wireframes
Site wireframes
Site wireframes
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Yes! And...
👋 While the new site was in development, we collaborated with the BackerKit product design team to extend the new site experience into the product on-boarding flows for both backers and creators.

🧰 In true Saint Friend style, we left our friends with tools to keep the good new brand vibes going: templates for future pages and a library of design styles that have since found their way into emails, blog posts, and product experiences.
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Backerkit mobile screen
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