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Buying and building equity in a home is an amazingly powerful way for people to improve their quality of life and create wealth for the future. Homeownership, though, is not very accessible to the people who need those benefits the most: first-time, low-income buyers hoping to avoid predatory mortgages.

Framework, a B2B nonprofit with a lovely history educating homebuyers in partnership with mortgage lenders, approached us to create a brand for their new B2C company with the hopeful mission of democratizing homeownership.
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How might we...
Create a brand that connects emotionally with a wary, poorly served audience and builds a trustworthy, caring, and unbiased space they can rely on at every step of searching for, buying, and owning a home?
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Friends, assemble!
Starting with only an idea for what the new company might become, we led the team through workshops to define creative principles and messaging strategy. This gave us the foundation to circle in on a name that overlays tonal needs for aspiration, believability, individuality, and social justice: Keep. Then came logo exploration and the development of visual and voice identities.
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Typefaces, colors, photography, and illustration styles all grew out of the original creative principles. We experimented with risograph printing to develop a textural element that lends a human, handmade quality to digital layouts.
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Yes! And...
🌎 We continue to bring the brand to life in a huge and ever-growing world of Keep product platforms, online courses, content marketing, printed zines, campaigns, and fun swag.
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