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Emily Joffrion Brand Identity
Emily Joffrion is a one-person, purpose-defining, bold-storytelling, culture-creating, business-building powerhouse. In her practice, she helps brands understand their true purpose and tell bold stories about it to the world.

She asked us to create a visual identity and website that would help her feel both distinct and right at home in supporting leaders of the most innovative companies in the world.
Emily Joffrion business
"I work with brands and leaders who are ready to step up and lead their industry. I draw out your authentic story so you can build your brand and culture on a foundation that’s compelling and real."
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The logomark
How might we...
Build a visual identity and website that capture all of Emily’s personal and professional dynamism and values in a modern, approachable, easy-to-use system?
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Friends, assemble!
We led Emily and trusted advisors through workshops to develop creative principles and to shape an all-new messaging strategy.
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Yes! And...
🧰 We filled Emily’s brand toolkit with heavy lifting pieces perfect for the 1:1 convos that are the root of her process: business card, letterhead, presentation templates, and an icon set that riffed on the logo to represent different aspects of her process.

💙 Emily gave us the single nicest piece of feedback we’ve gotten so far: in response to an early brand work session, she said, “I feel very seen right now.”
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