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Our friends at product design and development studio Supply make things real. They turn napkin sketches and years-long growth strategies into real platforms and products that live and deliver in the hands of customers.

They are so busy making things real, in fact, that they didn’t have spare attention to give their brand. Like a lot of quickly successful companies, they developed a handful of brand elements in a pre-launch sprint. As Supply grew and became something new, the original brand felt less and less like them.
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Phrase with line illustration
Phrase with line illustration
Phrase with line illustration
How might we...
Build a brand for a fellow design studio? One that extends the founding values and vision into a system that validates an adventurous, ambitious spirit and can grow and change along with them?
Supply mood board
Friends, assemble!
Through workshops and interviews with the founders (👋 Matthew, Ted, Sam, and Greg!), we developed creative principles and a messaging strategy. From there, we explored visual identity and brand voice on parallel tracks.
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Supply poster
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Yes! And...
🏢 The first expression of Supply’s brand was their office. The brand arrived just in time for a move and renovation. The Supply team used it to create hand painted signage, custom furniture, and various fun office amenities.
Supply logo on door