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Neighbor homepage redesign
Some people have empty space in their homes, just sitting there doing nothing. Other people have extra stuff in their homes, also sitting there doing nothing.

What freedom from clutter might we create, if only we could help them find each other? What balance might we bring to the world?
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How might we...
Introduce the world to a new brand, and a brand new way to think about self storage, in a way that captures the company’s true spirit of friendliness and builds trust on both sides of the marketplace?
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Friends, assemble!
At the time, Neighbor was bootstrapping and had a pressing need to get a new homepage up and converting fast, fast, fast. We said, “Yes, of course! Let’s also get some light branding in place and develop some illustrations and animations that you can use for ads and stuff!

We convened the whole scrappy Neighbor team and developed our trusty creative principles to serve as guiding lights in those endeavors:

1. Celebrate the uniqueness of people, spaces, and stuff.

2. Build trust at every turn.

3. Create a community of great neighbors.
Yes! And...
🗺 On the day the homepage launched, Neighbor only offered spaces in the greater Salt Lake City area. Since then, they’ve expanded into every state on the west coast.

🎨 The typefaces, colors, messaging, animations, and illustrations we developed for the homepage all pulled double and triple duty as social posts and paid ads.