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As leaders of the brand studio team, we had the lovely opportunity to create a veritable universe of websites, product launches, social and marketing campaigns, emails, card packaging, and physical product design. 
When we arrived, though, the brand looked very little like it does today. It looked like the brand of a tech startup, designed to appeal to early adopters of new technology. But Simple was preparing to jump into a much bigger market. Our first job was to create a brand to get them there.
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How might we...
Help a ready-to-scale company with a great product build a brand that’s designed to welcome a much bigger audience?
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Friends, assemble!
We worked with brand, product, and marketing friends to define the brand values (empathy, efficacy, craft, curiosity) in the context of visual design and voice. We developed a made-for-each-other system of colors, typefaces, illustration, photography, handmade textures, and writing styles.

Over the next three years, we gleefully put the new brand to wonderful work, aiming to bring artfulness, friendliness, and joy to each moment of a person’s relationship with Simple.
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Yes! And...
💙 We built a brand people love as much as the product. 
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