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Cocacao identity and packaging
Cocacao is a delicious treat made by a Portland company led by a husband and wife team. They found some miraculous way to turn coconut oil, coconut nectar, and cacao powder into twelve chocolatey bites of paradise. Already a local legend, they needed an identity and packaging to support a nationwide launch.
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How might we...
Cocacao is proudly vegan, gluten free, paleo, USDA certified organic, and made from only a handful of natural ingredients. The super fun challenge that faced us was to communicate all that dietary specialness in a way that pops off the shelf and faithfully embodies the big bright beautiful joy inside every bite of Cocacao.
Cocacao mood board
Friends, assemble!
We led the Cocacao team through remote workshops to create a vision for the experience we wanted the packaging to offer. We used inspiration from the world’s most beautiful packaging and our own experiences of iconic treats to sketch out opportunities for magical moments.
Type, color and illustration
We created a logo with a playful vibe that breaks up the name into clearly pronounceable parts. We put the simplicity of ingredients at the center of the packaging and developed a color system that is simple, modern, and eye-catchingly bright. We crafted copy for each panel of the box, inside and out, to build a fun, inviting world for each flavor.
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Yes! And...
💚 The new packaging is totally recyclable and plastic free.
🌟 Early reviews from vendors and happy customers are glowing. Our fave: “My favorite chocolate in the entire world!!! Such killer branding too!!❤️💯⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”
Cocacao packaging praise
Cocacao packaging