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Apparently 95% of people who visit a retail brand’s e-commerce site leave without buying anything. It makes sense: it’s hard to appreciate new products inside a browser window. Will it fit? Is that really what the color looks like? What’s the quality of the construction?

TryNow noticed this and said, “well, what if people could always just try stuff before they buy it? Wouldn’t that be way better? And more fun and accessible and shopper-friendly?”
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How might we...
For shoppers, TryNow is a simple button at checkout on their favorite brand’s retail sites. Behind the scenes, it’s a complex Rube Goldberg machine of payments, shipping, and inventory management.

We aimed to create a new brand that captures that revolutionary simplifying of the complex, and the amazing promise of being able to freely try and find new things to love.
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Friends, assemble!
We lead the TryNow team through remote workshops to develop creative principles and to crystallize a messaging strategy with purpose at the center.
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Try Now outcomes
By making the logo both a button and a call to action, we invite people into the brand promise every time it appears. The color palette creates warmth from dusty, muted hues that allow photography and illustration to take center stage.
Try Now mood board
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Yes! And...
🔧 We extended the new brand into a suite of helpful tools for the TryNow team, including Google Slides templates, case study templates, and a website component library to enable quick page builds, revisions, and tests.

🌊 Very few things make us happier than partners making big, joyful splashes in the news: shortly after TryNow's brand and site launched, they announced $12 million in Series A funding. This round of celebratory emojis is on us, TryNow team! 🥂🎉✨🕶
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