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Trove Product Naming and Identity
Caravel is a platform that transforms unwieldy amounts of customer feedback into clear data and guiding lights, from reviews and surveys to support tickets and community chatter. After we delivered a website redesign and brand identity, the team at Caravel called us up with a new task. They needed help naming and launching their newest product, which offers companies a way to launch microsurveys and gather immediate, quantitative data from their users to improve their business.
How might we...
This project offered the opportunity to develop a product brand that felt related to, but still distinct from, the Caravel parent brand. We knew we wanted to pen a compelling and memorable name that would clearly communicate the benefits of the product.
Friends, assemble!
Inspired by Caravel’s creative obsession with nautical themes and exploring uncharted waters, we created an extensive list of names that described the treasure trove of informative and actionable customer feedback the product would gather. Thus, Trove was born.

As we developed the visual identity for Trove, we were inspired by deep sea life and movement, evocative of the way Trove allows organizations to quickly dive into the minds of their customers. We captured the original spirit of the Caravel brand while exploring a new direction with movement inspired by jellyfish — getting darker like the ocean as the user scrolls deeper down the page.
Yes! And...
🐧 The runner-up crowd favorite to “Trove” was actually “Puffin”!

🌅 The colors on each page recreate a deep sea “dive” into new data and uncharted waters.