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TryNow Product Design
TryNow is changing online shopping for good by allowing customers to try their purchases at home before they buy. After creating their brand identity and web design, the team at TryNow asked us to help bring their vision of a shopper portal to life. The goal? A place where users can easily track and manage their trials, see the status of their shipments, and learn more about TryNow.
How might we...
TryNow started as a B2B brand, but the shopper portal presented an exciting challenge: what does their brand visual identity and voice look like as they move into the B2C world? Simultaneously, what about inside a product? How could we best introduce new customers to TryNow and walk them through the checkout process with ease, trust, and accessibility? 
Friends, assemble!
We knew we wanted to keep customers engaged and give transparency to the TryNow process every step of the way, so we kept the product design accessible and minimal while still showcasing the playful and approachable personality of the TryNow brand.

Leading team TryNow through remote workshops, we developed and finalized an exciting new content strategy through collaborative partnership. Taking the larger brand identity we created for them as a jumping-off point, we created a clean and minimal portal design and corresponding emails, guiding people through their orders from confirmation to shipment, trial end to product rating. Every step of the customer journey was designed to feel like a consistent flow and experience.
TryNow App
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Checkout screens
Yes! And...
We supported product development with notes for the TryNow engineering team, mobile and desktop designs, and ready-to-implement animation files.