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Jointly brand
As cannabis legalization continues to sweep the country, Jointly aims to be at the helm to help new and experienced consumers experience the benefits of purposeful cannabis consumption. The Jointly platform helps consumers discover the local cannabis products best for their needs with recommendations from the people within their community.
How might we...
Jointly aspires to leadership in a lightning-growth industry by advocating for wellness and self-discovery through purposeful cannabis consumption. Our task was to build a visual and written identity around that promise.
Friends, assemble!
We lead the Jointly team of founders, investors, marketers, developers, and medical and tech consultants through workshops to establish our creative principles for design and messaging. Through this process, we sketched out a design system that embodies Jointly’s ability to connect people to product and product to experience. This system utilizes a spectrum of shapes, colors, and gradients to communicate the different user goals, using a reimagined color palette that helps bring the Jointly brand into the tech world. 

Jointly’s new visual language honors the origin and history of cannabis culture while leaning into the evolution and future of cannabis and technology. Our new photography library stayed clear of traditional cannabis imagery. Instead, we sourced an expansive assortment of images that show a variety of folks doing everyday activities.

We worked with the Jointly team and their industry experts to understand the culture and future of the purposeful consumption of cannabis. Through that understanding, we worked to cultivate a language that connects users to their personal goals and a deeper understanding of what purposeful consumption means and what it can achieve for them.
Yes! And...
Just as Jointly resides between the cannabis and tech world, the new logo and brand color aimed to mirror that position. There was a sentimental connection to the Jointly logo. So as our exploration began, we knew to honor the heritage of the previous mark while incorporating simplified forms and streamlined details to modernize it and add clarity. The stunning  Jointly Violet is an evolution of the previous deeper purple, moving into a more energizing and modern place.