It’s one thing to hit it off with a new client. It’s another thing entirely—a very special thing—when that new client becomes a new friend. (Erin, if you’re reading this, let’s go for a walk soon.)

the pitch atelier


Erin smith's business card

Visual identity kit

Logo design

Visual design

Erin came to us with a clear vision—and as a seasoned copywriter-creative director with a gift for storytelling, she’s no stranger to creative collaboration. Together, we crafted a visual identity rooted in editorial elegance, with the bright optimism of blue-sky possibilities that Erin brings to her work.

Pitch Atelier's billboards

Photography, illustration, and glyph mark

The whimsical four-point star glyph mark represents clarity: that magical moment when, with Erin’s expertise and support, somebody discovers their story. The photography and illustration duo is a collage-style nod to retro editorials. Instead of feeling funky or dated, the photography is fresh and crisp.

Type palette


Both typefaces work in tandem to extend the editorial feel. Suisse Int’l Regular is pulled from Swiss Modernism and its signature editorial grids, while Editorial Old Italic comes from classic fashion magazines.

Gif of presentation slides

“I’d recommend Saint Friend to my friends (and I already have) because you delivered great work in a collaborative way, and you did it fast. The best part was getting to know the team. I enjoyed figuring out my brand with great collaborators that all clearly wanted my business to succeed.”


Founder and Creative Director