From bonding over old-school gaming references and laughing at midwestern proverbs, to a shared investment in saving sales teams from daily headaches. Our partnership with Superframe can be summed up in one word: joy.



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Superframe built a sophisticated AI chatbot that delivers ease and simplicity to alleviate RevOps woes: the inability to move quickly and strategically within a chaotic system. But many people still view AI as suspect. We created a vision for the brand that feels trustworthy and familiar, not intimidating.

Gif showing Superframe logo process
Mock-up of Superframe site on phones


Almost entirely monochromatic, the color palette leads with a range of blues that are recognizable for Salesforce users and bring a sense of security to an audience that might be nervous about AI. Bursts of neon green bring the blues to life, creating energy and excitement. A true pink adds contrast and warmth to round out the palette.

Superframe color palette
Gif of neon line moving around the chatbot

Neon line

We developed a neon line motif to visualize the near-magic of Superframe’s AI. It symbolizes how Superframe works behind the scenes, moving through users’ data and collecting the right information to bring instant clarity to sales teams.

Superframe’s brand voice adds to the overall sense of approachability while serving as a natural extension of the humans behind the brand—encouraging, optimistic, and a bit cheeky.

3 up of Superframe's offerings
Superframe brand guidelines
Superframe site on an iPad

“Thank you for taking my excitement about this problem and running with it. Y'all were clearly the right choice and I could tell from the first meeting. In our conversations, I could feel your investment. I'm really happy with where we landed, you really hit it out of the park.”


Co-Founder and CEO