Having an e-bike is fun. Getting it to the shop when pedaling isn’t an option is not fun. That's why e-bike enthusiasts Tyler and Jody came to the rescue and created a fast, painless transport service.


E-bike rescue

Startup identity kit

Visual identity


Marketing assets

Cultivating trust and awareness is key when you offer a service that folks didn’t know existed. We helped Speedy's introduce themselves to the Seattle biking community as a friendly local service that brings ease and swift support to e-bike owners.


He’s sweet, he’s dependable, he’s a bunny. We created this mascot and logo mark to represent Speedy’s staff helping folks get their bikes where they need to go quickly and headache-free.


The wordmark features soft and rounded letterforms to create a sense of warmth and openness, stylized in italics to demonstrate speed and movement.

A (literally) cheeky message to capture the spirit of Speedy’s work: removing the stress from an often stressful errand for e-bike owners so they can get back to doing what they love.

“The team generated great concepts from the start, listened and heard my feedback, adjusted designs appropriately. Smooth and clear collaboration process. I knew what was needed from me at all points.”

Tyler swartz