Like the paper clip that gets traded again and again until it eventually becomes a house, our relationship with Umpqua Bank started small and grew into something invaluable. Along the way, they trusted us with some of the most important brand moments in their history.



Business banking campaign



Art direction

Umpqua built its brand and reputation through charming, innovative approaches to personal banking. Seeking to reposition as a leader in business banking, they needed a new—yet still true to them—message.

Our first Super Bowl

A celebration of the intertwined relationships between businesses, people, and they communities they create together. Concepted and cut in less than three weeks from a vast library of existing footage of Umpqua customers at work.

Energizing the palette

The billboard campaign needed an eye-catching pop of color to sit naturally alongside the rest of Umpqua’s Pacific Northwest inspired palette. We chose this nearly neon green, “Lichen,” as a punctuation for key words in headlines.

“Saint Friend has been with us now through two rebrands and a multi-billion dollar merger and has evolved with us every step of the way.”

Kyle Cassidy

SVP, Director of Content and Communications

Credit and debit cards




For many banks, card design is missed opportunity. For Umpqua, it was a proud expression of their evolution into an elevated, elegant brand.

Small show stoppers

Though materials for card production are quite limited, we took every opportunity to pay attention to the details. We used unexpected colors, spot glosses and clear cores to add uniqueness and intention to the entire range of cards.

A simple shift in perspective

Most cards are tucked into a horizontally-folded paper carrier, like a check from your mom in the mail. By shifting to a vertical fold, we created a more dramatic effect, a moment of presentation. We think it’s a simple yet powerful detail—that cost nothing to implement.

“Saint Friend is a small agency that's big on integrity. This is one of the reasons we love working with them.”

Kyle Cassidy

SVP, Director of Content and Communications

Printed pieces




Whenever the occasion called for an important printed piece, Umpqua gave us a call. Together, we turned these opportunities into moments of genuine connection with their customers.

Modernized elegance

In Umpqua’s brand, illustration celebrates their connection to the Pacific Northwest. We modernized Umpqua’s previous woodcut-inspired illustrations with simplified yet emotive compositions.

Intention to detail

Through careful material choices—like quality of paper, letterpress, die-cuts, and spot glosses—we conveyed Umpqua’s care for the recipients of their printed pieces.

“I've worked with many, many agencies over the past two decades and Saint Friend is special. They're that rare combination of smart, talented, creative people who are also genuinely committed to real collaboration. They stepped in to work with my team as true partners and delivered terrific work that led to significant results for our brand and company.”

Eve Callahan

EVP, Chief Marketing Communications Officer