Our good friend Lauren loves golf. She believes that sports belong to everyone but recognizes that the barriers to entry and surrounding culture aren’t always kind to newcomers. So, she created Chip + Birdie’s Virtual Golf Club to welcome both beginners and seasoned players.

Chip + Birdies


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Virtual golf venues can be intimidating and discouraging to the unacquainted. Together, we created a vision for Lauren’s answer to country club culture: a friendly yet refined atmosphere that pulls aesthetic inspiration from golf destination Charleston, South Carolina, where anybody can have fun practicing their swing.

Type + color

We chose Learning Curve Bold for its easy elegance, balanced with straightforward Din Alternate Bold. A closer look at classic-feeling Lastik reveals unexpected playful details. The color palette is soft, warm, and welcoming. With vintage qualities and a touch of bright athleticism, we drew inspiration from the elements characteristic of a great day out on the course.


The illustration style is loose but conveys movement, depicting a range of subjects in motion to highlight that anybody can play, learn, and enjoy golf. Through this variety of players, Chip + Birdie’s sends a clear, inviting message: there’s room for everyone on the green.