Someday we’ll invent a word to capture the je ne sais quoi of JAM Collective. Until then, here are some (inadequate) descriptions to give you an idea: brilliant, charming, down-to-earth, delightful.

JAM Collective

Public Relations

Brand + Website




JAM Collective earned their reputation as a trusted PR and communications agency in the outdoor industry. But they’re not just an outdoor agency. As they’ve grown into other industries, JAM Collective needed a brand that’s as expansive and flexible as they are. We helped them honor their outdoor roots and embrace their future with an elevated, confident new brand.


We chose Canela and Favorit to strike the balance between playful and professional. Canela creates breathing room—it’s airy and inviting, yet polished and editorial. Favorit provides grounding and sports a more subtle sense of play.


Since JAM Collective is known for their work with outdoor brands, taking inspiration from the wonders of California was a natural choice. We selected colors that serve as an evolution of their current brand rather than a complete departure from their past. The palette uses a range of soft, earthy tones to create a warm and sophisticated outdoor feel.

You can’t force curiosity and engagement—but you can create an environment where they happen organically. JAM Collective has a special knack for doing just that. The proof is in the publicity.