The folks at 50 Corridor want what’s best for their neighbors and the Sacramento environment. They (literally!) walk the walk—creating and participating in programs that encourage a closer relationship with public transit and alternatives to cars.

50 corridor TMA




Creative principles

Visual identity


Public transit can feel intimidating to commuters who rely solely on their cars, especially when local infrastructure prioritizes car culture. Biking and walking aren’t as fast—but they sure are delightful. We helped 50 Corridor TMA create an upbeat brand that welcomes folks into sustainable transportation choices. No shame or guilt-tripping, just more options for getting around.

Process gif

Color blocking

The natural beauty of Sacramento served as the inspiration for this color palette. From sunshine to tree-lined paths to swaying golden fields—the gorgeous sights commuters can savor on their way to work.


Red motif

A bright, energetic motif weaves through the brand to create a sense of movement. Each variation represents an alternative to traditional driving.

Brand guidelines





Getting started with sustainable transportation is the hardest part. But what if the bus was excited to see you? We created a campaign that extends an invitation to Sacramento residents, encouraging them to meet their options, experience the benefits, and spread the word.

A friendly, personal invitation from Sacramento to the commuters who call it home. Ride the bus, save on gas, enjoy the view.

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