Brand identity
Baked goods represent connection and community; they’re made to share. For folks living with dietary restrictions, it can be easy to feel left out. That’s why Nuflours lovingly crafts truly delicious gluten-free and allergy-friendly baked goods: to help gather everyone together and enjoy a treat without worry or exclusion.
How might we...
We partnered with Nuflours to refresh their brand and packaging. People with dietary restrictions need to trust what they eat, so communicating safety and accessibility was paramount. We aimed to balance that with the delight of eating and sharing something delicious. In addition, the packaging needed to withstand the rigors of travel, refrigeration, and freezing. And of course, it needed to stand out on shelves.  
Friends, assemble!
Through rounds of workshops with the Nuflours team, key themes and strategies emerged. An extremely legible san serif makes ingredient and dietary information clear and accessible. A bright, flavor based color and illustration system makes the packaging a joyful presence in the store. The overall effect is a spirit of comfort and warmth that people want in a delicious baked good. 
Yes! And...
While the cornerstone of Nuflours is its wholesale business, you can step inside the new brand and packaging line in their charming Seattle bakery. 
Nuflours sandwich board