Brand identity
Content strategy
Website design
Change is challenging for everyone. Driving change on an enterprise level, from implementing new software to deep restructuring, can feel like moving a mountain. ChangeAnalytics aims to give change managers confidence in the journey with an end-to-end tool to manage projects more efficiently, while also giving organizational leaders real-time insight into progress.
How might we...
The people managing change projects understand that it’s all about supporting individual people on a journey to a new way of working. So the ChangeAnalytics brand needed to radiate that friendliness and empathy, while also building confidence that the platform can deliver on goals at scale. 
Friends, assemble!
Through interviews and workshops, we discovered how the ChangeAnalytics brand and website might build a bridge between friendly and enterprise. The refreshed logo is a modern representation of the change curve, which represents how people move through change. 

The primary color palette derives tasteful variants from typical enterprise brand language, allowing the secondary palette to provide burst and warmth. Dotted “expression marks” add liveliness and emphasis to layouts.
Yes! And...
The ChangeAnalytics brand also included creation and animation of UI elements. They communicate important functionality and illustrate the power of the platform without overburdening people with unnecessary detail.