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Grown is a podcast from the legendary storytellers at The Moth. Each episode, hosts Aleeza Kazmi and Alfonso Lacayo dive into the liminal spaces before full-blown adulthood. Stories about breakups, identity, and punk shows seem youthful on the surface, but are universal to a journey we all take in our own awkward, painful, and sometimes beautiful ways.
How might we...
The Moth team asked us to develop a complete visual identity around an (awesome) existing logo and illustration set. These would live primarily on the Grown podcast website, where people come to discover, subscribe, and listen. We wanted to prioritize those needs while also creating an experience worthy of the Moth: a site that felt like a world of its own. 
Friends, assemble!
Through a breezy brand workshop, creative principles emerged. Functionality came first, but we also knew we wanted to embody youthful energy and offer glimpses into the stories in each episode. Purposeful photography and color choices create a framework for the unique illustrations to shine. We used the motif of the “river of time” to create flow down each page. 
Yes! And...
The audio player plays an important role on the site—it’s where many people will hear the podcast for the first time. So it needs to be easy for visitors to use, integrate with every podcast platform, fit the site design, and be a breeze for the Moth team to update. We defined these requirements, did an audit of Webflow compatible solutions, and found a perfect option. Go give it a listen!