Why Saint Friend

 Why Saint Friend

Before we knew our own name, we knew four things we wanted to do differently than any other creative studio we’d experienced, as a creative or as a client. In a happy gift from the universe, they seemed to be linked by a common spirit of optimism, humility, and kindness. Hence, Saint Friend.

Work together like friends.

When working feels like fun, it shows, in the quality of the work and every moment of collaboration along the way. So we want working with Saint Friend to feel like a friendship: open, fun, full of trust, and leaves you feeling energized.

Find, love, and live our principles.

For every single thing we do, we define creative principles together. They’re a set of short statements that describe our shared creative aspirations. We use the principles to unify the aims of visual and voice and to make creative decisions with clear intent and goals.

Make work for you, not for us.

“It’s what I always wanted, but better” is the highest compliment we can hear (about our work at least 💅). We built a process of near constant collaboration because we think that’s the best way to make things that feel right and true to *only* you. Which, not coincidentally, tend to be truly ownable, memorable, and valuable things.

Aim for optimism and goodwill above all.

We try to make the work we want to see in the world. We partly measure our success by how full of hope, how energized by optimism, our work leaves people. Not only do we love helping people feel that, we believe it’s the only thing that honestly moves people to deepen their relationships with brands.