Creative direction
Art Direction
Umpqua Small Business Campaign
Umpqua is the largest bank serving the west coast, beloved by the region for the personal care they provide for their customers. This reputation was in sharp focus during the pandemic, as they moved heaven and earth to provide lifeline loans to keep their customers afloat.
How might we...
With those businesses now on more sure footing, Umpqua wanted to celebrate them with a new campaign. We used existing photography and video of customers to create a series of billboards and, ultimately, a Super Bowl commercial. 
But first, a story about color.
We were inspired by a rock. Truly. We started looking around in our yards, parks, and even our own hiking photos, to find inspiration and create a color palette inspired by the West. We searched for moments of surprising color, boldness, and the resiliency that you see in nature if you really look for it.
Friends, assemble!
Most design studios do campaign work. Fewer have a fully-staffed copy and strategy team, and a process that’s fueled by collaboration between designers, writers, and strategists from beginning to end. 

We built from the sentiment “in business, together” — one of our favorite concepts from the very first round. We created a campaign that is bold, succinct, and speaks to the fact that Umpqua is a bank for business owners who want to do big things and for industries that help communities thrive.
Yes! And...
The Umpqua team knows us as an extension of their own. As partners who always start with “yes” and continually make amazing things happen. They continue to trust us with projects of all sizes, knowing we’ll take every opportunity and make it better than anyone thought it could be. 
Umpqua billboard