Brand identity
Content strategy
Website design + development
Lumin8 is a financial and business strategy consultancy specifically for creative businesses. (We use them, they’re great!) They understand the creative process and take pride in helping creative leaders build businesses they can be proud of. 
How might we...
Most creative leaders start businesses because they are great creatives. Learning how to run a successful business is a journey they must undertake as they are actually running the business. The central challenge for Lumin8’s brand and website was to empathize with that experience and extend friendly, trustworthy support. 
Alternate directions
Friends, assemble!
Through workshops with the Lumin8 team, clear themes arose: challenge and support to grow, balance with levity, and create order from chaos. To bring it to life in type, we landed on a pair of san serifs: the primary is very friendly and the secondary creates moments of impact. The color palette is warm yet energizing, just like Lumin8. The website uses a layered parallax effect to create a sense of depth and movement. 
Yes! And...
Lumin8’s icons are designed to accommodate more traditional uses, like anchoring small blocks of copy. Yet they are impactful enough to be used as larger elements in layouts for extra emphasis and energy.