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Cloud storage is typically the second-largest cost for a SaaS company. It’s also the least transparent: the AWS dashboard makes it impossible to create a complete accounting of costs and what they mean. 

When a SaaS company is acquired, unclear AWS costs have the potential to become an even bigger problem. The buyers, seeking to understand the finances of the business, ask technology and finance leaders hard questions that aren’t easy to answer. 

This is where Aimably shines, with AWS monitoring software combined with consultative financial strategy services. They clarify accounting and help everyone collaborate through an acquisition and beyond. 
How might we...
Aimably addresses a valuable, but admittedly niche, business problem. The central brand challenge was to embody a high level of tech and business expertise to assure potential clients Aimably can deliver on all they promise. To differentiate Aimably in a deeply technical space, the brand also needed to be approachable and design sophisticated.
Friends, assemble!
We led the Aimably team through workshops and interviews to define creative principles and messaging strategy. We developed enough expertise in the AWS and private equity spaces to ensure the messaging was clear and compelling to tech and finance leaders. The visual identity blends cues from editorial and tech to evoke a sense of confident guidance. The color palette promises calm, stress-free support. 

We sketched out a content strategy for a new website, which includes a range of insightful  moments into emotional experience and logical deep-dives into product features and benefits. The illustration style conveys enough detail to be clear, while removing everything unnecessary.
Yes! And...
Near the end of the project, Aimably pivoted product strategy and positioning. We worked with the team to deeply understand the new strategy and reconsider the work we’d done so far. Some aspects of the brand and messaging remained in alignment, some needed to be revised. We ended the process as we always hope: with a brand that feels right and true, yet exciting and new.