Your brand is words
Nick Carter

The name of your company is a word.

The shape of your logo is described with a word.

The visual elements of your brand were intentionally chosen for qualities—and to evoke emotions—that we name with words.

Your mission, vision, and values are words.

People use words to give feedback about their experiences with your brand.

Founders use words to tell the story of why they started the company.

The things your organization believes most deeply are expressed in words.

When building a brand, design and writing are fundamentally entangled. They work together to create emotion, clarity, order, and meaning.

So, I’m obviously biased. I’m a writer and co-founder of a design studio. But I believe, when choosing a design partner to create, refresh, or reposition your brand, it’s important to assess that partner’s fluency and—integrated, in-house—capability in writing as well as design.

If it’s not there, you’re missing the chance to tell the whole story.