When people enjoy making things, they make things people enjoy
Nick Carter

The dissatisfaction of creatives shows up in the work they make.

A cynical edge in tone or humor, a disdain for the audience or client, a lack of attention to detail in craft.

To be clear: I don’t think creative people are wrong to be dissatisfied. They are often asked to work in toxic hierarchies, cultures, and processes.

Dissatisfaction is often a product of the conditions their organizations create.

All that said, I think the inverse is also true: when people enjoy making things together, they make things people enjoy.

Happy creatives have the capacity to bring forth exceptionally crafted work that is inspired, unique, and hopeful. Imbued with the irreplaceable energy of their own joy.

So how do we create a place where creatives feel happy?

At Saint Friend, that means less pressure, more support. Less competition, more collaboration. Fewer silos, more roles shaped to the skills of the people who join our team. More snacks, more chit-chat, more celebrating.

It makes working together more fun, every single day. And I believe it makes our work better, too.