What to do when you’re unhappy with your new brand
Nick Carter

It’s an emotional situation. You just invested time, energy, and money in a rebrand, and something’s off. Maybe your new rebrand…

- Doesn’t fit your daily needs
- Makes you look the same, not different
- Doesn’t feel like you

I wrote about how and why those things happen in a previous post: https://lnkd.in/gbuKPPdV

So what do you do? I recommend creating space for a blame free retrospective with your team, with three ideal outcomes in mind:

🤔 Gain insight into where your team fell out of alignment with your design partner.

This will help you understand if your unhappiness stems from a strategic misstep.

Some questions to guide the conversation:

- When did stakeholders on your team start to feel disengaged from the work?

- When did it stop feeling energizing?- Were there developments in the strategy that stakeholders disagreed with? -

- Were the disagreements voiced? If not, why not? If so, how did your design partner respond?

- Did you feel pressured to approve things you didn’t fully believe in? What was the source of the pressure: a deadline, a stakeholder, your SOW?

🧩 Identify which aspects of the new brand aren’t resonating.

This will help you understand if the unhappiness stems from a specific aspect of the design. Some questions to guide the conversation:

- Which aspects of the brand followed the stage where you fell out of alignment with your design partner? Are they resonating or not?

- Are aspects of the brand difficult to implement into your product? Marketing materials? Sales tools?

- When the brand was revealed, which aspects did people react most strongly against? Strongly in favor of? What did they say specifically, what words did people use?

⚖️ Assess whether you have the internal resources to resolve these issues, or you need additional support.

This will help you understand how to start moving forward. Some questions to guide the conversation:

- How complex are the issues we’d like to address? Would you describe the issues as strategic or executional?

- Is the potential benefit of making these changes worth the potential cost? Or can we, knowing the cost, begin to accept the brand as it is?

- What is our design capacity currently? Where would this work rank against existing priorities?With these insights, you should have what you need to take a next step, whether it be to brief a design partner, ramp up internal team members, or wait until time and resources make a revision feel more possible.

If you need support guiding this discussion with your team, or find yourself in need of a design partner to get your brand to a place your team really loves, let us know ☀️