What should you say and why?
Nick Carter

At Saint Friend, we believe your brand’s messaging should flow from the center of your values and beliefs. Even granular product and feature descriptions can resonate with deeper meaning.

Our messaging framework is a single document containing 3-5 statements of purpose, connected to 3-5 statements of process, connected to 3-5 statements of outcome.

The starting point of each of those sets of statements is a value:

Value (What matters to you) > Purpose (What you believe) > Process (Your approach) > Outcome (What you create).

We do that for all your values. Link them all together like latticework.

You’re left with a collaboratively-built, comprehensive, values-rooted document of your organization’s narrative and points of view. A tackle box of story blocks that you can use as starting points for content of any type.

So whatever you say, wherever you say it, your message stays centered in your unique story, values, and truth.