PSA: Tell someone something nice today
Kate Carter

Breaking news: There’s a lot of negativity on the internet.

So this is your reminder to help change the mood around here, and spread some nice feelings.

A couple ideas to get started—

✨ If there’s someone in your network you don’t really know, but you admire their work, send them a note saying so

✨ Someone you always thought was nice in high school or college just popped into your head. Shoot them a note and share a nice memory

✨ You have a friend it’s been too long, and you really should have caught up like…like, four years ago. That’s fine, they still want to hear from you, just shoot them a note and say hi

People always think “oh, they don’t want to hear from me.” But guess what? They usually do!

No one ever will turn down a kind word.

Plus it’s free 😎

Whoever is that first person you thought about, just reach out already!