Process helps us grow
Nick Carter

Early in my career as an advertising copywriter, I bristled at the idea of process.

“How dare you! I need complete unrestrained freedom to allow miraculous ideas to be called forth from my brain down my arm through my pen and into my sketchbook!!”

Then I’d go back to shopping on Ebay for Nike Prestos or whatever. I was pretty insufferable.

Thank goodness I made friends with designers who showed me the value of a consistent, trustworthy approach.

At Saint Friend, we repeat the exact same processes for every project. Brand design, messaging, content strategy: same processes every time. Only the people and variables change.

Every time, we get better. Our thinking gets deeper. The work gets stronger. We progress more efficiently. We teach our processes to new people, who add ideas to make them better.

Process doesn’t constrain us. Process supports us and helps us grow.