Oops a writer started a design studio
Nick Carter

Sometimes I remember that I, a person who has been a copywriter for almost twenty years, am a creative director and co-founder of a brand design studio.

And I feel baffled, and I laugh at the grand comedy of the universe, and then I get back to it.

Back to what, exactly?

At Saint Friend, we help the brands we work with define and build an identity. Studio operations manager Hanna Choi manages the complex flow of things that make that promise possible.

My partner, co-founder, and co-creative director Kate Carter and her team, Clarissa Fedorovich, Kayla Winter, and Monday Miller, lead the process for building their visual identity.

Creative strategist Riane Colquhoun and I build the written identity. We create messaging (what brands believe and want to say), brand voice (how brands say those things in a consistent and interesting way), and copy (pieces of writing crafted in the brand voice to do a specific job).

It is a foundational belief of our studio that a brand’s written identity deserves as much thoughtfulness and careful construction as its visual identity.

When that happens, brands attain a level of distinction that crystallizes their position in the market and creates a platform for growth.

I love that! I love that writing can create so much value. I love it so much I started a design studio.