How a writer can give design feedback
Nick Carter

I am a creative director and co-founder of a design studio. I don’t have any formal training in design. I’m 1) a writer and 2) an eater of Swedish Fish.

Yet every day, I offer feedback on in-progress design.

How do I do that without looking like an idiot more often than is necessary? Basically, I stay centered in my own expertise.

I keep my feedback grounded in strategy. I hand flowers to aspects of the work that I believe validate our creative strategy and audience insights.

I keep my feedback conceptual. I observe where design choices align with and elevate the central story of the brand.

I always remind our team that my feedback is an observation, not a mandate for specific action. I leave it in their expert hands to consider and act upon—or not—as they see fit.

After that? It’s Swedish Fish time, baby.