Designer’s Guide to Last-Minute Halloween Costumes
Monday Miller and Clarissa Fedorovich

You waited until EOD to decide on a costume—and let’s be real, vampires and ghosts are soooo last season. Here are some costumes that require little effort but will make you look like a true graphic design nerd. 

Creative Director 

This one has the potential to be pretty scary. Make your presence known, and get ready to command the room at this year's Halloween party.  

How to: Brandish a paint brush or creative tool of your choice, along with a clapperboard.

Magic wand tool wizard

Before we had AI, we had the mystical magic wand tool. A perfect costume for those good at making quick selections and even bigger mistakes.

How to: Repurpose your old wizard costume, print out the wand tool, and get ready to cast your spell.

Figma Cursor

Mega Figma fan? Wish you could live in a Figjam board? That’s concerning, but who are we to judge. Try this costume idea to get a little closer to your dream. 

How to: Print out your name with your Figma cursor arrow and attach it to your shirt. Go the extra mile by adding it to a headband for a more realistic look.

Vague Feedback

Horror and fright are overrated emotions to conjure this time of year. Give your fellow party goers one of the most insidious emotions: deep frustration. Show up in the most frustrating costume imaginable, that’ll take your peers until EOD to decipher. 

How to: Cover yourself in post-it notes that feature hall-of-famer phrases like ‘make it pop,’ and ‘this looks a little off.’ The more confusing, the better. Wear sunglasses to conjure extra mystery. 

The Arrow in the FedEx Logo

Not everyone sees the arrow in the logo. This year you can highlight your designer’s eye and make sure everyone knows you figured it out before they did while getting the consistent satisfaction of being the one to point it out. 

How to: No printing. Cut an arrow out of a white piece of paper.

Circle Back

If you love to revisit agendas, this one’s for you. This costume comes with the perfect excuse. When things are feeling tense, when everyone is getting cranky, when you really need to pee—it’s time to circle back! 

How to: Draw a circle on your back.


Have a group of 3 friends? How about 40? Either way this group costume is a great last-minute way to show who’s the final boss in your inner circle. The more friends you have for this group costume, the more realistic (and scary) it becomes.

How to: Use name tags to finally label your untitled files—excuse us—friends. Some name ideas: V1, V2, Vfinal, VfinalFINAL, Vpleasehelpmegod, and so on.

Photoshop Unexpectedly Quit Alert

Give the graphic designers of your life one hell of a jumpscare with this look. Add a buffering spinning wheel of doom for extra effect.

How to: Print out the ‘Photoshop unexpectedly quit,’ alert and pin it to your shirt. Maximize ease for maximum scare.