Everything is interesting
Nick Carter

When someone asks you “How do you stay inspired?” what do you say?

I say, “Everything is interesting.”

The creative industry is a people business and puzzle-solving business. To solve our puzzles, we have to understand people. And people are endlessly interesting.

CEOs are interesting. Product managers are interesting. Customer success people are interesting.

People who love your brand are interesting. People who feel indifferent are interesting. People who avoid you are interesting.

Your mission is interesting, your product is interesting, your roadmap is interesting.

The different timelines in which all the above collide and don’t are interesting. The cultural tides that influence those collisions and non-collisions are interesting.

The forever-deep ways to connect it all with design and writing are interesting.

And in my experience, you are unlikely to ever encounter two puzzles that are exactly the same. Every day will ask you to try something new.

I believe if you can draw inspiration from the pleasurable puzzles the work itself presents you, your source of inspiration will never dry up.