Celebrating small biz with Spring Sprint
Nick Carter

For Small Business Month this May, we offered accessible, transparent pricing to entrepreneurs doing stuff that we love. We met some amazing new people and made lovely work together. Here’s a little roundup of the journey.

Pitch Atelier - Erin Smith, the founder of Pitch Atelier, is a totally brilliant consultant that helps people become expert communicators. She helps founders, execs, and creatives nail their narrative and deliver it with confidence. 

We honored that aim by imbuing the Pitch Atelier brand with bold imagery, type, and glyphs. The blue sky represents the limitless power of a great story and invites her audience to dream about reaching their fullest potential. 

Root to Bloom - Lucia Keefe, the founder of Root to Bloom, is an astrology-informed realtor in Portland, Oregon. She is an expert at helping people find homes they love in an ultra-competitive market. And, for those who want insight into how one of life’s biggest decisions aligns with the stars, Lucia busts out the charts. 

The brand and website we made for Root to Bloom is, like Lucia, expertly funky. A chunky serif pairs with a crisp monotype. A vintage feeling flower logo pops in modern vibrant colors. The writing welcomes everyone into the dream of homeownership. 

Scarlet Chamberlin Styling Co. - Scarlet Chamberlin is a stylist that brings out your inner brilliance with pieces that fit your body and match your mindset. She approached us hoping to manifest a new pillar to her business: partnering with execs to develop their style as an extension of their professional brands. 

Our writing team circled in on a new messaging toolkit for Scarlet’s new venture. The designers brought forth a sense of approachable elegance. In the collages that serve as a key brand element, you’ll find swatches of fabric, client portraits, imperfectly shaped color fields, and hand drawn marks. The effect is a composition as unique as each individual. 

What we learned - For small business owners, their brand isn’t just a part of their business—it’s personal. Honoring that relationship means deeply understanding each founder and discovering ways to build that understanding into their written and visual identity. When we are successful, it feels like they are finally, truly seeing themselves in their businesses. 

It’s a magical experience for us, too. Erin, Lucia, and Scarlet are so deserving of wide admiration. Our projects ended, but our friendship and deep desire to support their success will never, ever end.