We started Saint Friend to fill a little corner of the world with magic.
We get to radiate that magic ever outward through the work we do and the partnerships we build.

Here, you’ll always find a constructive, “yes, and” spirit and the belief that there’s room for everyone on the same page. We give trust freely and try to look at the world in a way that finds opportunity in everything.

When we love the process of creating things together, people will love the things we create.
Our Team
Kate Carter
Co-Founder and Creative Director
As Creative Director and leader of design, Kate is a creative force who ignites our team towards a collective vision. She leads from excitement, always, and she’s never too cool for the room. After beginning her creative career in print, she transitioned to agency work, then in-house at OpenTable and Simple Finance, where she led major rebranding projects.

In her own work, she’s deeply inspired by the work of Sister Corita Kent. She’s seen at least twenty seasons of reality tv series “Survivor,” has a knack for fixing up old houses, and aspires to one day actually love gardening.
Picture of Nick Carter
Nick Carter
Co-Founder and Creative Director
Nick leads writing, strategy, and the studio’s jelly bean selection at Saint Friend. He worked agency-side at Wieden+Kennedy, NORTH, and Liquid before leading creative for brand teams at a nonprofit and Simple Finance.

As an avid people-watcher, he loves finding common ground between people. Perhaps surprising for a former all-district tuba player, he finds inspiration in quiet places like museums, bookstores, and record shops. You can usually find him reading or writing poetry.
Kayla Winter
As the self-described snack enthusiast and supportive friend of our studio, Kayla views softness as a strength and listens to sad girl rock while in the zone. Obsessed with true crime and Star Trek, she lives her life with the north star “What would Captain Picard do?” In her free time, she cares for her lucky black cat Luna and creates intricate macrame hangings from her pull-up bar.
Clarissa Fedorovich
You’ll find Clarissa in the studio jamming to Joni Mitchell’s Blue or one of her many chaotic playlists. She’s a lifelong dancer and lover of reality tv dating shows who reads a lot of Mary Oliver (“she just gets it”). When she’s not hanging out with her beloved fifteen pound cat Kevin, she spends her free time lounging beside the river and searching for Portland’s best bar fries. Hailing from a California beach town, Clarissa’s sunny outlook keeps our team smiling.
Hanna Choi
Studio Operations Manager
Hanna is a realistic optimist whose happy place is beside the ocean, no matter the weather. When she's not busy juggling SOW's and helping keep our team organized, you'll find her with her dog Mika exploring the best of what the Portland food scene has to offer.
Riane Colquhoun
Creative Strategist
Riane is a double Aquarius, high glam dog mom to Finn, and lifelong fan of Dolly Parton. She grew up between the US and the land down under. When she’s not bringing sunshine to our small and mighty team with her whip-smart creative insights, she loves stirring a Negroni, cooking up a storm, and getting obsessed with her hobby of the month.
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