Saints sometimes, 
friends always.


Our names are Nick and Kate.
We started Saint Friend.


Hi, it’s Kate, I’m writing Nick’s bio for him—

Nick's LinkedIn  |

Nick Carter has been a writer for 13 years. Two of those were at Simple (with me!) as Brand Voice Lead. Before that, he worked for agencies like Wieden+Kennedy, ID Branding, and NORTH. I looked at his portfolio, the things he made were a combination of funny, kind, and heartfelt. 📝🙌💛

Nick always is searching for creative opportunities where they might otherwise go unnoticed. He finds goodness in everyone and everything, and brings that same attitude to the work he makes. 

Please don’t tell him I told you:

He usually is carrying a tiny container of (homemade!) salad dressing.

He owns over 600 books. 📚

He has excellent taste in shoes.

Working with him is incredibly rewarding, and doesn't really feel like work at all.

And, for the real dirt: 

As a kid, he attended a cobra-mongoose fight (not by choice).

He loves the Fast & Furious franchise.

Once he had to be rescued by FEMA.

We are best friends so I memorized his phone number.

I feel like we both look like these emoji people: 💁🏻💁🏻‍♂️

Any idea, big or small, can be made better by just by talking with him about it.


And I'm writing Kate's bio (this is Nick).

Kate's LinkedIn  |

Kate VandenBerghe is an unstoppable force of curiosity, friendship, and post-its. She’s been a designer and art director for tech companies (she led the OpenTable rebrand) but also for branding/UX agencies and editorial outlets.

Three quick things about Kate:

She does the best muppet impression the world has ever seen.

She (proudly, defiantly) has the musical taste of a 57-year-old dad who played bass in college.

She can meet any dog and instantly know its heart.

Three more work-type things:

Kate builds people up. In a handful of sentences, she leaves friends feeling brighter for the day, week, and future ahead of them.

She does the same with your ideas, she builds them up, makes them better. She embodies a truly creative, constructive, “Yes! And…” spirit.

Kate moves mountains. Any size project, any degree of difficulty, she can break down into post-its and bring to life. She makes this look easy somehow.

Ok, two more:

Kate is my best friend. I’ve never admired or trusted anyone more.

I can’t do what she does, but together, we’re great.