Card and Wallet Packaging

Card and Wallet Packaging

Creative direction, design workshops, design principles, content strategy, design, copywriting


How might we…


Make the most of a rare moment of tangible connection with our audience and modernize Simple’s unique “here’s your card and also a cool wallet” packaging?


Friends, assemble!


We led an unboxing workshop with marketing, lifecycle, and brand team friends, creating “we want the person to think/feel/do right now” for each moment of the experience.


We wrote creative principles together:

1. It’s not just a card, it’s a fresh start


2. Give the right info at the right moment

3. Celebrate your rad future and how we can help you get there


Yes! And…


The new packaging costs 50% less to produce

User research of the prototypes is all 😍😍😍

Real ones should arrive in the world before the end of the year (we will gleefully update you then)

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