Secret Project πŸ™Š

Product Design for Simple Paper Checks

Design workshops, creative principles, art direction, design


How might we…


Bring artfulness, friendliness, and joy to one of the oldest and most drab (sorry, good old fashioned paper checks) forms of banking?


Friends, assemble!


We led an unboxing workshop with our friends on the marketing, product, and brand teams to identify emotional opportunities for each moment of the experience of writing and receiving and check.


We wrote creative principles together:


1. Simplicity

Embrace minimalism, but not in the extreme.


2. Design forward

Make writing a check feel brand new, yet familiar.


3. Intentional

Have a smart, helpful reason for every detail.


A surprising discovery


Most paper checks look the same, use the same printing and binding processes, because they are made by one vendor. We chose a different vendor! That’s why we have access to different (and way nicer, we think) materials and printing processes.


Yes! And…


These are currently in testing, but early user research is 😍  for the uniqueness of the design and πŸ™Œ  about the return of a modernized check register