Aeronyde website redesign

Aeronyde website redesign

Cities everywhere are becoming more dense. We ask them every single day for more flexibility than their concrete and steel, built-to-last-for-decades infrastructures can possibly give.

Aeronyde invites to ask: what if civic infrastructure moved up into the sky? How much more peaceful and convenient might our lives become, here on the happy ground?

  • Creative direction

  • Design workshops

  • Creative principles

  • Content strategy

  • Art direction

  • Copywriting


How might we…

Help government officials, business owners, and the public understand the value of a complex, yet-to-be-built, and admittedly pretty intimidating system of technology?


Friends, assemble!

We began with a workshop to study brands with similarly knotty communication riddles and set creative principles:

  1. Serve as a collaborative community steward

  2. Help people see themselves in smarter, safer cities

  3. Show that possibility is everywhere, for everyone

  4. Earn trust with clarity, approachability, and by keeping safety first

We followed with more collaborative messaging workshops to craft key messages and rank them by audience.


Yes! And…

🔭 As Aeronyde’s first public telling of its story, the website also set visual and voice direction for the brand as a whole.

🌅 In a uniformly militaristic, jargon-filled space, Aeronyde has cut through with friendliness and optimism, using their website to start conversations with partners and secure millions in new funding.